Download TVBadger Now

Install Guide

Step 1. Go to settings and select “Device”

Step 2. Select “Developer Options” and turn on “Apps from Unknown Sources”
- Note: If you don't see this, follow the steps in this video:

Step 3. Go to “App” and download the orange app titled “Downloader”

Step 4. Launch “Downloader” and type in

Step 5. Click "Download Now" Button

Step 6. Click "Download Anyway"

The download will start automatically

Step 7. Follow on-screen prompts to install

Step 8. Click "OK " on the "What's New" update screen

Step 9. Select your preferred language

Step 10. Hit "Continue" without changing the default Internal Player settings

Step 11. Click "NO" on "Channel Zipping Settings"

- If you click yes, the button guide will not be accurate.

Step 12. Sign in using the credentials emailed to you.

- IMPORTANT: Username and Passwords are case sensitive. Make sure they match exactly.

Button Guide:

There are several ways to bring up the TV guide. You can choose the way you like best. Here are some options:

In some modes, you'll have to click select once to select the channel, and then click select a second time to make it full screen.